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Welcome to our Homepage!
We would like to present you our cottages and the beautiful mountain Pelion with its 24 villages.

Pelion, the destination for all seasons:

Exceptional for its interminable assortment of Mountain View and the overwhelming beach front line, so brilliant together, grasping one another in an unending affection affair.
Keeping up its supernatural impact to the guest, still thickly forested and amazingly green, Pelion offers exceptional energy and conventional cordiality year round. It stretches out into the Aegean, framing a snare molded promontory. The western part encloses the Pagasitikos Gulf, where it slants delicately into the quiet sea, whilst the eastern part opens onto the Aegean Sea, framing rough inclines diving straight into the remote sea.
The Gulf landscape from sea level up to around 1,000 m (3,280 ft), is developed dominatingly with olive trees. Apple, cherry, peach, apricot, and fig plantations or vineyards upset the progression of the exceptionally old olive forests. The coastline is framing sandy, lovely shorelines, half-covered up between the trees. Some are open just by vessel. Small, tranquil settlements, along the shores, add further shading to this favored landscape.


The smal settlement of Alogoporos is located just 6 km from the main streed towards to Trikeri. Alogoporos is a place where only few houses and a tavern are settled in. It is the only spot where the visitor can rent a taxi boat to the Trikeri Island.

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